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Since 1944 Smokey the Bear has worked with the National Forest Service to help educate campers young and old about wildfire safety. As a part of our endeavor to help our neighbors, we have dedicated our efforts towards educating the public about wildfire prevention and safety. A portion of all proceeds from Smokey Honey sales are donated to the National Forest Foundation. Smokey Honey Company provides the best, all natural, raw, and unfiltered honey by practicing environmentally friendly, sustainable beekeeping in different regions around the United States. Join Smokey Bear and Kelley Honey Farms in our efforts to preserve our National Forests and Grasslands. Only you can prevent forest fires!

12 oz

This 12oz cub is packed with Smokey Honey, a pure, raw, and unfiltered American honey with a classic honey taste.

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20 oz

A bigger bear for the whole family, the 20oz smokey bottle is a full grown honey bear, packed with tasty Smokey Honey.

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40 oz

Is your honey craving un-bearable? We have the solution! Our 40oz bottle is packed with 60 servings of Smokey’s Honey.

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